Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time

The Elf browsing the internet looking at scooters.  I wonder if he has plans on telling the fat man, that three kids in the Lowry home want these?  He also went on a hot date and was dangling from a light.  Those pictures are on another card and I may or may not post later.

I hosted a gingerbread party that actually went pretty well.   My kids made a haunted gingerbread house... and it was so scary.  Later it went through and earthquake and tumbled to the ground.  

This is what we had for breakfast this morning!! Nothing like bacon and marshmallows to get your day going right!

Our Christmas photo... next to impossible to get.  Two kids who are not used to the camera and three who hate it.  I am pretty pleased all things considered... Sky looked like death in every other one.  I showed him and he was like I promise to smile next time even though I hate smiling.  Thanks little dude I said, I just can't hang death on my wall.  


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