Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day Out

Today we took the newest monsters out for the day... so they could experience a day with us.  Matthew and I have a few goals when it comes to parenting, but in the end it is simple.  We want our kids to say this is the "best day ever!" Happy childhood in my mind has to equal a happy adult... right? Okay, I may be delusional but if my kids have a happy childhood, then they can't blame me for problems later.  Now the best day ever just means fun times.. on this day we spent 1300 yen.  About 15 bucks.  The girls made  a whole loaf of bread worth of PB&J.  I can't believe the jump in cost for food with two added additions... they eat allot.  I want to feed them allot.  Tonight I gave Skyler my chicken... I need to fatten him up.  He'd be cuter with some gerbil cheeks.  In fact I kinda think he and Kennon look alike.

This is the park we went to.  It is not to far away and I need to post directions and coordinates later.  Super fun park.  You can rent the sled things, balls, jump ropes, and do put put.  We chose to let the kids play put put.  Our kids have done it before, the other two didn't know what it was.  Skyler really liked it and may become Matthew's newest golf buddy.  

I have some picture ideas for her and THANK goodness, she wants to do it!  My Bray will have to come, I think she is starting to get a little jealous.  Daddy and Chianne have been best buds.  Poor Matthew though, right now he is being pulled in five directions.  Things are tough for me too, but you have to feel for the poor guy ;)

Needless to say.. Jack said "Mommy!!! This was the bestest day ever!!!" and Chianne said yes it was so much fun!!  Goal complete!


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