Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year = New Start

This year will be my year to be with my family and be super creative.  I will be doing less sessions but the sessions I do do will be more creative.  Doing a session with me this year means you may have to be willing to hike, get wet, or be spontaneous.  I will be doing sessions at the Kintai still just less... a lot less. If you want something more creative let me know and if not please let me know that too!!  

January-  No Session Fee!!!  This is a great time to try my Inside-out session.  1/2 studio and 1/2 on-location.  

January- Also a great time to book a Cherry Blossom session.  I will be emailing all details out about that in the next week.

Another thing we are working on this amazing HUGE project and I don't want to talk about it yet for fear of jinxing it!!!  But till then a portion of all sales (including sports) goes to charity.  

So here is a quick peek of my daughter... She wanted to kill me and this is the only one where her pretend smile actually looked real ;)  I love that she lets me torture her... it was so breezy and freezing down there. 

With that I just want to say Thank you to my clients of 2010, both in Okinawa and Iwakuni!!!  You were super patient with me as I moved, got settled, and completely overwhelmed.  I learned allot this year as it was the first year I wasn't happy with how OkiDoki was going.  For some reason 2010 was sad for me... hence the reason for more family time and time to create.  So as I am still catching up from the holidays... I am excited to start fresh.. a new attitude... and a new outlook... a new everything!!

Be prepared this blog will be more family oriented ;)


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