Saturday, January 1, 2011

Contest and a Sneak Peek

Win a FREE Inside-Out Session for January!!

Post a comment saying what your New Years Resolution is (or isn't) and you can win a free 40 minute session with 10 digital files for FREE!!!  No hidden cost all free.

and the following photo was taken New Years was so pretty and so cold.  I have a few other sneak peaks to post, but I have never shot in the snow.... so I was just excited about this one!!! Plus can you see the rainbow ;)

Not sure what an Inside-Out session is.... 1/2 studio, 1/2 on-location.

Winner will be chosen Jan 3rd at midnight.

***If you don't win... there are no session fees for Jan.  You have nothing to loose but 40 minutes"

If you have trouble posting email me at and I will post it for you ;)


Lori said...

My resolution is to go out and explore more of Japan. See lot's of good stuff :)

okidokiphotography said...

For Cecelia-

I don't usually set a resolution but this upcoming year I'm going to try and learn more Japanese, explore more of Japan and to remember that the glass is always half full! I'm so excited to see what 2011 has to bring. --Cecelia

jee_8806 said...

My new years resolution is to provide and care for my growing family the best I can. And to potty train my 2 year old but I'm hoping that is not an all year chore ;-)

Jennifer Vivona

okidokiphotography said...

For Ashleigh-

My new year’s resolution is to be healthier which includes eating, exercising, spending time with friends and loved ones. Stress free is how I want to be in 2011. Happy New Years!

okidokiphotography said...

For Patricia-

My New Year's resolutions are to spend less, as a means to teach my children that material things are meaningless. Get green!!!! Recycle scraps into my garden, save water for plants, re- use and re- use and re- use again, walk instead of drive when I'm on base (after winter tho). And finally LOVE my family more than they can handle. The kids are growing up so fast and the years are going by, I'd like all of their childhood memories to only be full of love and happiness (ahhh a mother's wish). Plus my husband is the greatest guy on earth, loving him is easy!!!

okidokiphotography said...

For Lupe-

So here is my new year's resolution, it's not really a resolution but a motto that I have begun recently to instill unto my life, "Stop looking into the past, living in the future, and just focus on the now." Sometimes I cling to the past or day dream about the future for to long and I miss what's going on in my life now, at this exact moment. A good resolution for me this year is to just stop, take it all in and enjoy it because you only have one life to live and share with those that matter the most to you.

okidokiphotography said...
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okidokiphotography said...

My new years resolution is to start instilling in my boys at this young age the importance of family: Healthy eating and exercising, family trips exploring Japan, showing more appreciation. Happy and Healthy is how we want to be, I think we'll have a great time achieving this!


The Chilson's said...

My New Years Resolution is to spend more quality time with my family, show my children how important education is by getting through as many college classes as I can, and last but not least, save up the money to take all three of my children and my husband conquer Mt. Fuji! I can't wait! ~Emily~

histurkey said...

new year's resolutions

be nice even when ppl are nasty..i'm better than that to act just as they are !
to conquer seeing more of japan even if im with out my husband and its just myself & our 1 year old son
to blog more often
treat myself to awesome smelling flowers ...once in a blue moon
and always give thanks to being able to live this happy heathly wonderful scary out of control life...

Anonymous said...

My New Years Resolution is to be a better person to try to look at the bright side of things not the negative. To try and be healthier and to truly study not half it

Angie G. said...

greetings from Ohio. I love the photo! truly a masterpiece. Angie

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