Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kinati Early Christmas Morning

Christmas for me was extra special for several reasons... Here we go.  My husband was gone for basically two years straight and missed EVERYTHING.  I know almost every person reading this blog is also military and gets it.  Anyways unlike most people who love Christmas, my husband a.k.a Ebenezer is very blah.  My husbands blahness always rains on my parade and then we fight.  This year I wasn't going to let it get to me, but it did.  When we first moved into our house I stated how important it was to hang Christmas lights for the kids, for me, and for the kids in the neighborhood.  Well I only asked three times and figured he wasn't going to do it (in my heart I was crushed, but he wasn't going to know this).  To my surprise three weeks after Thanksgiving he comes home with a ladder and has ideas on how to hang them!!!!  WHAT!!! HECK YA!!! So the first night they are on and they blew a fuse and won't work anymore. It kills me because I didn't take a photo, it was so pretty.  It was a miracle because after that he was into it.. we went to a light show in Hiroshima, made our homemade pizzas, and did all our other holiday traditions (this year no bickering).  So to wake up to snow was icing on the cake.  It is amazing how a thing like hanging Christmas lights and snow can change everything.  

I also have a feeling he won't be called Ebenezer or the Grinch again, not to mention we haven't raised our voices since then... he made me happy... he made the kids happy... and that is ALL I want.


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