Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break or Bust!

For this little family it has been a bust! BUST is more like it.  You should see my list of places I wanted to take the kids.  To the park to get their national park badges, to the beach, to legoland (again), we were going to bake, and go to butterfly jungle.  It was going to awesome! Then I totally broke my glasses. Annihilated them.  Even though they were broken I could still wear them for driving, but then they just disappeared.  Gone! Gone! That means stuck at home until they come in.

So on to the whole point of this post.  About 4 years ago I met this awesome lady named Denise who was just starting her business.  We got along fabulously, our children are the same age, they love each other and in my typical fashion met her just before I was to move. Anyways we still chat and now we are both stateside again.  She is located in Las Vegas.  So if you are from there, going there.... get photos with her.  She is pretty awesome! I will link up later.

So both of us were chatting and needed some inspiration.  We came up with a few ideas and this post is one of them.  To make any cookie recipe and photograph it.  Easy right! Wrong... and here is how it went down.

Idea! Cookie Rainbows. Not original.... but each of my kids are color coded.  Since they were born so close it was easy for coding sippy cups, plates, etc... Braylen is pink, Jackson is blue, and Kennon is green.  So I was going to use only those three colors and had a great theme for it.  Posed photos for the cookies and the kids with their color cookie.

1. Go to the commissary
2. No food coloring
3. Kids act like maniacs, drive me crazy.
4. Get the rest of the stuff I need for dinner.
5. Go home.
6. Crap I forgot butter and eggs.
7. Well I saw you can substitute chia seeds and bananas for this.
8. Not sacrificing my chia seeds.
9. Used a banana
10. The cookie mix is like concrete.  Kids are bummed they can't help.
11.  I do all the work.
12. I did find those icing flavors enhancer. I think flavor creations.  Put that in the batter for color.
13. Burn a batch of cookies.
14. Bonus house smells like bananas bread.
15. Kids were outside for a long time.  Dirty and now it's dark.
16. No amazing pictures with them then.
17. Kids fight over.... he ate my color cookie.  Mooooom there are no pinks left.
18. I go make a whisky drink, pass out drunk on the couch!

Here are a few photos! What is a blog post without them.

#18 was for shock value... I don't like to drink.  Well okay... I drink coffee. Lots and Lots of coffee.

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One last thing about this whole Mama Drama of a post.  I was rushing it because it was late.  Denise is like where is your post woman?.  I am thinking I am a terrible friend.  Before having my cup of coffee I write this bad boy up.  Text her to let her know it is up and then she is like "mine is shot, but not blogged."  

Yes! That just happened.


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