Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dr Suess Day in Lincoln Family Housing

Our family has been blessed to be stationed at MCAS Miramar.  After being in Japan for six years it is a nice change of pace (I say this as all we do is talk about going back).  The bigger blessing is our neighborhood.  I personally have zero complainants except for the fact that no one talks to each other. You wave hello and the lady pushing the stroller looks away grumbly.  Then eventually you stop saying hello and just assume things are bad for her.  Maybe this is a blessing.. no gossiping, and zero drama.  Although lately my husband and I who vowed to be friendlier this year (hence noticing grumbly hello's or lack of them).  We have been persistent and have made friends with the awesome family in our building.  The direct neighbors all around us.  If you know the family who does the movie on the lawns every week.... THAT US!!! Come on over... anyone can come.

So with that I love that our base housing host events.  The kids had a blast and drove me absolutely nuts. I have three kids and they all go in three separate directions.   I also learned that our next door neighbor from Okinawa lives right down the road. How awesome is that!! So tomorrow we will be heading over their house to celebrate their new kids one year old birthday.

All in all I guess what I was saying is why be so grumbly to each other.  We are our own families.  I have family on the East coast and I can say 100% no one will visit.  Not because they don't love us... just because times are tough.  So we make due with what we have and that is our neighbors.  So if you come across this... please say Hi! 

If you like to have your photos taken I have a plug at the end of this post.

Disclaimer I just ran a filter on these as they are my personal photos, my kids are super dirty, a few photos did not get re-sized and look funky.  Normally I'd fix.. but my kids are dying for my attention (clearly they are neglected).


For the month of April.  Any military child can have their photo taken at my home studio or in a super secret squirrel location on base for no session fee.  Just email me for the details at OKIDOKIPHOTOGRAPHY@ME.COM  I only have a few slots open... so email me quick!

Thanks again to Lincoln Housing for hosting such a fun event.  We had a great time!


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