Monday, March 11, 2013

My Little Learner

I needed a way to motivate my boys.  I took them to the store and let them pick out a toy around $20.  The idea was to get a $20 toy and make them do 50 or so learning worksheets.  In my mind this should have taken a month.  50 worksheets is a whole lot for a five and six year old... or so I thought.

Kennon fell in love with this idea and he wanted his toy!  He wanted it tonight and he was not going to play around.  Today he finished all but six papers.  He will have and enjoy his toy tomorrow. 

Moving on-ward.  Matthew and I are trying something new for our family.  Church!  We went last Sunday as a family for the first time.  My husband grew up in a great church and for me there was nothing.  I visited my mother's new church and it was actually nice.  The pastor was funny and the people were really great.  So when I approached the idea to my husband about going to church... he said yes!  Another motivator was my step-daughter.  I think she had mixed messages from her bio mom and then a completely different story at our house.  One day I caught her reading the bible and she looked guilty ;)  What! So I promised her we would try a new church when we moved.  Then that opportunity came at my mother's house and she fell in love with it too.  I do love the community, the love to help others, and love that my whole family is excited by it.  

So last Sunday we were starving after the service and as a result we spent about $60 bucks on food.  I just hate doing that!  We could have went to the movies, a museum, etc.. This time I wanted to be prepared and armed for that starvation.  I wanted to have something to be ready for us when we got home.  This took me two hours to cook all of this.  If you didn't have a child doing home work, a child helping you clean, and the whoops I have to run (really run) to the store.  It would have only taken a hour.  

For dinner I wanted something easy.  Meatball subs.  Bread, meatballs, marinara sauce and cheese.  Yum! 

For dinner tomorrow we are having Cheeseburger soup.  In the morning I know I will not have time to prepare the crock-pot meal.  So while the meatballs were cooking.  I browned the beef and cubed the cheese.  Stuck a little sticky to remind my sleepy self what to do.  

Braylen browned the beef ;)

He was already sitting here for about an hour working for his toy.  Look at that adorable lip. Love him!

We ate dinner and he is still hard at work.

Then for desert we made a three ingredient cake.  Braylen cut all the apples.  This was really good.  Okay so cake mix.  Holy.. Oh.. MY.. Goodness.  Really $2.48 a box, since when.  Sooo being that I have to be a little frugal now (I am still not pushing OkiDoki yet)...but I am available if you want to book.  I chose to go with the on-sale $.99 lemon cake mix.  I actually think that it was tasty and added a little something extra.  

So in THIS post, I talked about our military food storage place.  I always get a french loaf if it isn't hard as a rock. The problem is what to do with four loaves a week.  Don't get me wrong... I L.O.V.E my carbs, but four loaves can be overkill.  So you can freeze it.  I slice it up and pull out what I need.  Then on google I found this recipe.

Still at it an hour later.

Peach french toast bake before putting it in the fridge.

He got stuck on something and I just couldn't get to him.  Braylen volunteered to stop helping me, to start helping him.  Love her!

I will let you know how the cheeseburger soup is and the peach overnight casserole.

Yes! My kitchen is a mess... Don't judge, it isn't nice ;)


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