Friday, February 10, 2012

Pintrest Fail

I won't lie... I am addicted to pintrest.  I seriously think that it makes me a better mother.  There is always new and fun things I want to try with the kids.  Before we found out that we were getting custody of the kids, I bought a waffle iron.  I have made tons of cool things with it and have a list of cool things I want to make with it.  Chianne the 11 year old is addicted to waffles, and quite possible my new best friend. Anywho... this is brownie via waffle maker.  I seriously didn't read the directions, however if I did there would have been a little reminder to use PAM.  Duh / blond moment.  With that I was actually running out the door when we did this, on my way to a hot date.   I was thinking of this dead sexy guy I get to call my husband and not Pam.

In the end it still worked out.  The kids just ate it directly from the bowl and the waffle maker.  The kids were happy, I was happy.... and I was leaving ;)


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