Saturday, January 29, 2011

Iwakuni Portrait Photography /Fix it Fun

I heart faces is a fun site to learn new tricks and then put them to use.  

This is a photo by Kelly and it is straight from the camera

This is my color edit of her photo.  I liked the warm tones and wanted to keep it on her face but do my best to remove the shadows.  I also cropped the her legs since they were overblown and it was a distraction.

and my black and white which I prefer.

I think allot of people would edit the drool away and her wrinkles.  I am leaving the drool because that would be erasing a milestone away and her little wrinkles are to adorable.

Today photography isn't just about taking a great photo.. Today the magic comes later in the dark room.

I hope you enjoyed!!


Kristen said...

beautiful edits! I agree with you; I like the b/w edit the best!

borne . image . photography said...

Excellent edits! Love the clarity you gave to these ... I was wanting that, but unfortunately didn't achieve it! It was definitely a challenge ... and I love the b/w, too! :)

JM PhotoArt said...

Totally agree about not taking the wrinkles and drool! :) Great edits! Thanks for sharing.

okidokiphotography said...

Thanks Ladies!!!!

the Moorhouse's said...

really neat how you were able to get rid of the shadow, did you use a program such as paintshop or photoshop to do that?

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