Saturday, January 29, 2011

Iwakuni Portrait Photography /Body Image

I found this website through a good friend of mine Denise.  I love that this woman is so proud of her new found body.  I personally don't love my muffin top, however I have no problem with my stretch marks.  My mother in law told me that it was my battle scars of child birth and I have brainwashed myself into actually believing it.  What I seem to not be able to get over is the muffin top.  I mean it jiggles in inappropriate times, the kids love to jiggle it in public, and is just a personal nightmare.  This woman sees it that her body did this amazing thing by growing and feeding a baby.  

Reasons one, two, three, and four of why I should love my body too.

In four years I was pregnant for 27 months, was in labor for 32 hours, nursed my babies for 34 months (4 months I nursed while I pregnant) and it doesn't seem to bother my husband.

Thank you to my wonderful photographer Alexis in Okinawa for taking this photo!!!

Here is another site that I found Shape of a Mother


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