Monday, October 11, 2010

Iwakuni Japan Newborn Photographer

I got a few people saying that they enjoyed to before and after photo.  I thought it would be fun with a new baby.  Here is a photo straight out of camera (sooc) and is a pretty good photo. The coloring is good... just need a few tweaks.  I cropped, cloned, lightened the bushes, and did some minor skin adjustments.  He was a perfect baby and did not need much help.

This is the edited version.  

Here is the black and white.  I don't prefer it.  The color one is so much more magical.

People ask what I edit with all the time.  I have CS4 and Lightroom.  I have not learned Lightroom to it's fullest and learning Photoshop is a continuous thing.  I try to learn one new thing everyday.

Photoshop can do wonders on a photo, but you have to know how to use your camera!!!

There will be more of this little guy soon... He was good for his Mommy, Daddy and I... well just long enough. 


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