Friday, July 30, 2010

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TOP 10 REASONS You Know You Are a Seasoned Kuni Woman

1.    You go to buy a pair of simple denim shorts at MCX, and aren’t surprised when you can’t find even a single pair. You’d die if you had to wear jeans in this heat, so you end up buying yet another sundress instead.
2.    You dig for yennies, not pennies, under the back seat of your car when grabbing a Shaka Shaka chicken from McDonald’s
3.    You know which teas are yummy and which teas are yucky in every vending machine within 5 miles of your house.
4.    You attend a “movie premier” that your state-side friends saw 4 weeks ago.
5.    A dinner with farm fresh veggies including tomatoes happens only once in a while. Birthday salad, anyone?
6.    You ration the fruit intake of your children.
7.    You’ve driven the 2 hours to Hiroshima, paid $50 in road tolls just to get a cup of real Starbuck’s coffee.
8.    When you lose a child at Hachigamine Park, your first thought is NOT that they’ve been kidnapped, but that they’ve fallen off a cliff.
9.    Your child requests sushi for dinner.
10.    You’ve mastered the art of “Humidity Hair”

by: Mary Beth Bueno Patino


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