Sunday, June 23, 2013

San Diego Birth Photography - Padre for a Day

The other day my husband comes home and says that he has these tickets for Braylen and Jackson.  They were for them to go on the field and do a tour.  I didn't really know what to expect, in fact I was dreading it.  The day came and it was awesome!  Petco Stadium and it's people put so much thought into this event.  The children who were invited were all military children.  

When we first arrived they took the children to the locker room.  They put children's names above the players lockers, gave them shirts, hats and badges.  Then they separated them into four groups.  

They then introduced the children onto the field, showed their photo on the big screen, and took their photo with the weird mascot guy.  After the photo they gave them some cracker jacks in the dugouts.  Then the kids went to one of four stations. Pitching, Bating, Catching, and Running the Bases.  

I will have to say that we did learn that Jack can hit a ball.  He was hitting better than some of the bigger kids.   Braylen got hit in face with a fly ball on the big screen.  It was hysterical.

The children then came to get some peanuts and then we did a tour of the stadium... then food.

It was an awesome day.  I would have to say one of the better days that we have had since we left Japan.  My husband said he would not be a Padre's fan, but after the event he said well... How can you not support the team after that.   

Thank you Padre's for the AMAZING day!!!   


Brandi Picou said...

These are great, Laurie! You've got an awesome eye!!

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