Sunday, February 10, 2013

Circle G Ranch

     We were on vacation for about a month and a half.  I traveled from Japan with five children and a few weeks later Daddy joined us in Tennessee.  While we were waiting for him, I drove from Nashville to Gatlinburg to see my father.  We had an amazing time.  On the way back to Nashville using the Roadside America App on my I-phone, I found Circle G Ranch.
     I didn't tell the kids what we were doing, what to expect, or anything.  I was afraid of getting lost or it being closed.  So we show up and at first it doesn't look like much... whatever, we were doing it.  I drove that long to get there.  I go to pay and get my whole $2.50 military discount (A free bucket of food would have been nicer in my opinion).  It was about $60 dollars to get our family in the ranch, then about $4.00 for the buckets of food.  Each child needs their own bucket, trust me I tried to make them share. Pay the extra so they can have their own.  Basically it was about $100 for the whole visit.  
    The one thing Circle G Ranch does not inform you is that you need to use the restroom before going in.  The minute you pull through the gate you get swarmed with animals and it is hysterical.  My children were doing blood curdling screams in shear joy.  The animals are so stinky and drooling everywhere. It is so funny! I was driving my brand new car I only had for four days so that was frighting when the animals came up to the car with there horns.  The kids and I were laughing so hard, it hurt.  Before going a second time bathroom break was needed.
     Here are a few of the photos I got during the visit.  Kennon wanted to pickup every animal so I had to pay attention,  rather than take photos.  Skyler was not happy with the cold and the smell... and basically driving me mad.  Literally!!! Mad!!!

     We had a great time and will be back.  I think next time we will have to do the camel rides.  Anytime I talk about my Dads the kids always ask to go back here. Highly recommended.


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