Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterest- Oreo Cookie Fail (two)

First let me say HERE is the original recipe.  
Second.. I do not always edit my food photos.  Please do not judge.  This was strictly for fun.

I saw this and knew I had to make these, not for me but for the monsters.  We cheated and used a bag cookie mix.  Although technically a fail, it was amazing.  They kind of tasted like a fried oreo. 

One thing I learned to do early on, is to mark whose is whose.  No one wants to eat after Kennon.  He is a nasty little guy.

When starting the project I told them less is best.  I explained how the chocolate chip cookie would expand. I explained over and over... but it was the littles who listened.  Dang big kids who think they know everything.

They cracked just like I said they would.  Who knows everything now!!!

This was underside of the cookie.  It is golden and perfect.  

Technically this was a fail.  However the kids, the husband and the neighborhood kids would disagree.


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