Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pinterest- Doughnuts (one)

 Holy Goodness, these should be illegal.  After my husband tried these, he proceeded to tell me how my cooking is so much better.  I was honest and told him it was because of pinterest. 

First you open up some Grands Biscuits. If you do not know these are also terrible for you, I mean super yummy.

Because I am totally classy, I got my holes using a shot glass.

Then you fry these bad boys up.  It only takes about a minute.  They say the oil should be a certain temperature.  Basically it needs to be hot enough that when the oil jumps out of the pot, IT HURTS!

Since I have an army of children I got smart.  I took the bigger doughnuts and cut them up.  Then I had a whole bunch of doughnuts.  However!!! The kids were just tricked into thinking three was allot.  Then I was tricked into thinking I was a good mother for serving my kids a horrible snack in moderation. 

I had a yogurt, because I am tired if being a chunky monkey (and or just having a flabby ass).  
Because it was already bad enough!! I then smothered them in cinnamon and sugar.

Seriously AMAZING!  

They taste like they are from a bakery.  Since we do not have a Dunkin Doughnuts or Krispy Kreme... this will satisfy and doughnut lover.


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