Friday, August 3, 2012

Digital Files and Why You Must Have Them!

Why you MUST have the digital files and why I do not mind giving them.

*Unlimited Backups. 
*Unlimited Prints.
*Unlimited Options.
*Purchase at your own pace.

Unlimited Backups- When you receive your disk with photos you can give copies to relatives, store in a safe.  If the unthinkable happens at least some of your family memories can be recovered. You can not guarantee that your photographer will be around in five, ten, twenty years.

There are dozens of companies who are giving away canvas prints, at super low cost.

Canvas People, Artsy Couture, and Arts Cow.

With digital files you can make books, cards, book marks, and calendars.  

Also with a digital file you are not at the photographers mercy if they carry a certain product and you are not paying the up sell prices.

The deal below is a Groupon deal.  It has expired, but $45 for a 16x20 Canvas is AMAZING!  
(how much does your photographer charge?)

I have three of these and they are gorgeous.  Just as nice as the canvas from my high end printer.   

Arts Cow is a weird little company but I have ordered 4x4 canvases through them for $10 each.  LOVE!

For instance you want your photo as wallpaper in five years.  Will your photographer provide this?

Photo by

When purchasing plain old photos make sure to stay away from big chain printers.  Mpix, Millers, Color Inc and WHCC are great.  I only order from WHCC.COM.  You have to install some software and the pricing is a little higher, but the quality is unbelievable.  There cards are also top notch, expensive but well worth it.

The reason I offer digital files.

I am a Mom first.  One of my canvas has been dropped because a ball hit it.  I move often and have lost photos to mold.  I want the digital file! I want my clients to have them.  I also do not want to inconvenience my client in having to email me every-time they want something.  

When hiring me you are hiring another mother.  Someone who understands what you want! 


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