Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trucks and Rocks

When we lived in Okinawa I made my husband drive all over looking for the best construction site so I could get my little guy in a tonka truck, next to the real deal.  It was a great shot (I need to find it and post with this photo).  Anyways while shooting for the contest...I got this little gem.  

If anyone is interested in shooting here in the next week or so let me know.  The session will be held in the evening and is super affordable.  I mean so affordable you are literally paying for the time editing.  I am only mentioning this deal here, so if you know someone who has a little guy... please pass it along.

Perfect for any age... I can use the tonka baby boys.

Email Laurie at

I found a copy on my facebook page. Here was was about to be one... maybe?  He was scrumptious.   


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