Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swim Lessons

We have the five monsters in swim lessons and it is a bit much.  I think we are taking the three bigs out and just the two littles will do it.  This way I can still have my evenings.  I keep forgetting to make dinner and then we eat out.  Not good for our bodies or budget.  

Braylen lost another tooth last week.  Her front one and had to have the dentist pull it.  The tooth fairy took a week to stop by.  She left $10 and a note saying she got stuck in the Okinawa Typhoon.  She said the winds were too strong for her little wings.  Normally the Tooth Fairy leave $3 bucks, but she felt guilty for showing up so late.

Matthew and I have been able to do lots of things together.  We are on week four of Insanity!! We are reading the Trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey and lots of little dates.  It is really nice having a live in babysitter.  


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