Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats... Delish!

     Steel cut oats are gross right? No!!!! They are so good!  You just have to cook them right.  I just recently saw a recipe for pumpkin pie slow cooker steel cut oats.  The deal is you put them on before bed and they are ready when you wake up.  The first two times I over cooked mine, but still amazing.  The recipe I am about to post serves my five monsters, myself and their is about four more people.  I should mention I ate the leftovers with the boys four days later... still delicious.

I just made another batch today but it has peaches and bananas.  As far as I know it is my own recipe so I will post that later.  I just want to make it again and see how it will be in a few days for leftovers.


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