Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cooking for Seven

     Here are a few recipes that the kids LOVE and they are about $10 bucks for the whole meal.  We have a budget of about $300 for two weeks (this is really hard).  I should mention this includes laundry soap, body cleansers and cleaning supplies.  I am probably going to have to start making this stuff too, I am just spoiled and love my Downy.

This is an upside down crock pot chicken pot pie.  

No peek chicken.  I added the peas just to make the kids crazy and to my surprise everyone ate them except for one.

and a few links here that I have tried more than once:

All of these meals are so easy and wonderful to come home to.  With five kids in boy scouts, girl scouts, baseball, swimming, guitar, reading groups, math club... I welcome easy!!

Look at the two girls... you would never know they didn't grow up together.  Braylen loves her big sister more than I could ever have had imagined.  


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