Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa and Vomit

I was getting the monster's ready for Santa, when Ken held up the Santa beard.  We have it in the play clothes and then he said "Me dress as Santa!" and I said when you see him?  Yes, he said.  Anywho long story short the photo below is my three year old, and he rocked it.  I will cherish this forever because I always say he is my silly guy and he is..... and this is proof!

so then I take all the stuff off of him and try to get one with all three.  TRY!  Every year someone bails, I mean who wouldn't.  You are making your children sit on some strange guy's lap right.  Every other day of the year you would tell them not to do that.  

So I get Jack and he is good.  Then I go to get Braylen............she looks SICK! She never throws up, this is not happening.  It is and it does.  She proceeds to throw up and throw up.  What do I do, what any good mother would do and catch it.  You know that catching the throw up instead of letting it hit the floor is so much better.

Above... before telling Jack to try not and look like his sister just up chucked everywhere.  Below... after.  Yes, I took this photo with a very sick little girl and vomit on my hand.  Oh yeah... I should probably Lysol my camera.

Anywho.. to all that was there.  Thank you for helping and not making my baby girl feel bad.  If you look at it in the bright side... You all got Santa and a Show!

Needless to say.... Bray is out this year.  I think she doesn't want to try again and that is perfectly fine.

One more thing to the Santa Helpers.. ask the kids what they want for Christmas!! Isn't that the whole point for the kids to ask what they want.  I know there is a really big line, but the photo is just as cute when they are talking to the fat man.

Notice.. Kennon is missing!!


Denise Burridge said...

I hope that she feels better soon!!!

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