Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fred Greenman

So the next few days I am almost 100% no elf postings.  My husband is in Tokyo as we speak gathering his two other kids.  So for the remainder of our stay in Iwakuni, they will also be with us.  I can only imagine how having the five kids will be... I am both super excited, and really freaked.  This could go any number of ways.  So I have decided it will be the worst experience of my life, therefore the WORST thing that could happen is that it is GREAT and no disappointments. Also by having this totally negative attitude. I can only be happy because there is no way these kids could meet at the dreary expectations that I have in my head.  So in the end... it is all good.  Well... besides the fact that you know I have no grammar skills and I am completely mental.  Well anyone who knows me, knows I am in fact mental.

Back to the Elf!! So I actually had plans to go all out for this day, but my stinking children didn't put there toys away and I couldn't find anything.  So this was easy. We also named him Fred Greenman.  Bray wanted Fred (from the book), Jack wanted Batman, and Ken wanted Green.  Matthew and I then mashed the three into Fred Greenman and the kids LOVED it. Whoa... lucky break there.

So a friend of mine sent me the link below.  I loved it because she says everything that I thought.  In the end I do love the elf mainly for the smile above.  I think one or two days I will go all out but all in all they will be like the one above.  It is only fun for the kids if it is fun for the Mommy.  Currently the elf is all the set up and I will take photos tomorrow.

Another friend of mine said after reading the article she was sure she didn't want to do it.  This was basically my response.

I don't know... I really like it. The kids are actually a little afraid of him. Bray is convienced he is possessed she just doesn't know how to say it right. jack walks far around him and Kennon is dying to touch him... so today he pounced over him and clobbered him... I tripped mommy he said. Yeah right douch you just had to touch him!!! Anywho great way to freak your kids out in a positive way!!! Today I am just putting him on the Tv. Lazy day!!!

Today he actually is not on the TV.  I came up with something better.


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