Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Vacation {First loose tooth}

A few days before school let out she said her tooth hurt.  I gave a little wiggle and sure enough it was loose.  If you know me well there are a few things I can't handle... anything to do with eyes, feet and teeth.  It freaks me out!!! Anyways about a week later it fell out and the tooth fairy came.  

and Jack wanted to show his missing tooth.

Jack fell when he was 16 months old and it had to be pulled.  It was my worst moment as a mother.  Seeing my baby in pain was awful!!! Worst was trying not to knock the dentist out because he was hurting my baby unnecessary.  The tooth was basically knocked out and was just hanging.  I decided it needed to go.  I am glad for that decision even though it will cost us in braces later. 

These are just family snap shots and not meant to be professional.


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