Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Texture Love

Texture Freebies are my favorite.. Yes, I am super lame.  You are about to see why they are my favorite.

Here is my super simple, extra ordinary photo of the Sakura flowers.

You can go HERE
for some freebie love.

Here is a few screenshots to help you along the way.

Copy the texture and paste onto your image.

Click Edit, Transfer, Transform and Scale.

Press Shift, place your mouse on the corner and drag.  Keep dragging until the photo is covered with the texture.

Go to your layer menu and change the opacity to your liking.

Put your eraser to a soft round brush (or hard if you want detail) and erase what your do not want the texture on.  In my case this is the buds and the flowers.  Make sure you change the opacity of the eraser (the top left corner of the screen) the lighter the opacity the lighter it erases.

Here is the the final image.

Google free textures and you will be in heaven.  Don't go crazy downloading, it clogs up your hard drive.  I search for textures based on my photo.  

and K.I.S.S ;)


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