Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sako's the Homemade Way

Just outside the Iwakuni base is a restaurant world famous for their BLT's.  If you are not there right at opening you may miss out, because they run out quickly.  The little shop is ran by an older Japanese man and woman.  Everything is fresh to order... and made in the tinniest of kitchens.

Matthew and I love it there and every time we go, we can feel our backsides growing larger.  The best part to me is not the BLT, but the onion rings.  Anyways.... Matthew always wondered about the bacon.  Why was the bacon so good.... here is our version of Sako.

We went to the Japanese market near our home.  I am sure any market will have it and if you can't find it ask for "bacon" just sound like a crazy American and that is how is sounds.  We used sweet bread... I loved it and thought it gave it a nice flavor, Matthew however did not.  We did season the bacon while it was on the griddle.  I personally think Sako's great flavor comes from the cast iron skillet they use.

So if you are craving Sako's but they are closed... Make it homemade and watch your backside get a little larger.


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