Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iwakuni Portrait Photography / Oki-15

Photoshop Tip:

This is so easy... did I mention easy!!!

The photo below is straight out of camera (SOOC).

Once in Photoshop go to image / adjustments / curves OR the ying/yang box
Then adjust the slider I have circled in the photo.
The slider I have circled is to darken and the one on the other side is to lighten.

This is the final image just doing a minor adjustment in curves.

Curves is a great way to brighten, lighten and all around change your image.  

If you look closely I did also crop the image... the leaves at the bottom were distracting.


Queenie The Bee said...

That was fascinating!!! Can't wait to load PhotoShop on our new computer....I've been lonely and missing it for the last few months. ;) Gotta go get me a new copy in the States! Thank you for taking the time to blog that tip- so fun!!!

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