Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So I was at the Exchange the other day and this lady approached me and asked if I was the photographer for OkiDoki?  Embarrassed because she recognized me by my sick snotty kid and because I was just running in.  Anyways long story short she wanted to know where my modeling photos were???  I find it interesting that people are following Danielle and I for some reason.  I guess mainly because this for me was fun.  

Since I don't really need models to build my portfolio, I try use this as a learning experience.  This time was an higher ISO... a photographer I follow sets her ISO high every time instead of how I do.  I followed her instructions as I gathered from her blog.  I personally didn't like it... To me they were grainier than they would be if I had set them normally.  I did learn that this does not work for me, or I just need more practice.

Unfortunately this had to wait, just like the last model will have to wait.  My family has all been very sick... I have meds with Codeine for my cough because it is so painful.  And I have loyal paying clients that I want to feel they have the priority.

Too that lady... here you go and I am so sorry if I came off rude.  I was afraid I was going to have a coughing fit and lets just admit I was a mess.  Plus... I really just wanted to run away and crawl under a rug.


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