Monday, November 8, 2010

Iwakuni Portrait Photography / Miyajima

This is my third session with Aska, she is such a sweet and kind person.  We originally met in Okinawa and she was here visiting with her boyfriend and asked if we could do photos.  Well.. it almost didn't happen.  Matthew was gone, I could not find a babysitter to save my life and I had two sessions that evening.  So after much debate I brought the little monsters with me, bought a new stroller for Kennon, lots of snacks, verbal bribes and a really good mood. I hadn't really traveled much with all three by myself and Myajima seemed doable.  So off we went, the deers ate my coffee cup, the kids snacks, and there was soooo much whining.  By the time they actually showed up I really wanted to smother them, and my good mood was gone, but this was a dream session and Mommy was determined. 

During the session the kids were great!! Thomas helped push the stroller... that was a sight!! I fed them the last of snacks, and the session was only about 35-40 minutes. I had to be on the ferry long enough to get the kids to the babysitter (who was available in the evening) and to the other session.  I made it back to the ferry in time because Braylen ran with me.  For being an amazing helper she got a new baby doll and a lunch all by herself with Mommy (hence the bribes mentioned above).  Because Braylen was such a trooper I made it to the session with ten minutes to spare.

If given the same opportunity... I would do it again without thinking.  While it was a ton of work, like I said it was a Dream ;)

You can see her first session HERE

I remember I was so nervous before that session.  


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