Saturday, October 23, 2010

Iwakuni Lifestyle Photographer / Japanese Traditions

So today when I opened my door I saw this draped across my driveway.  I have lived in Japan for 3 1/2 years and have never seen this.  A friend told me it was for the bringing in the Fall.  Whatever it is, I am glad they included us.  It would have been easy to skip us ;)  

Any-who I have two post for tomorrow... one for a family with four girls and one of my girl.  

Off to place my sleeping child in bed.  He fell off the couch and slept through it... needless to say I just left him on the floor.  I am a rockin it out in the Mommyhood department.

Update: Jackie Allen posted this on my Facebook page:

Good luck symbols...shimenawa (special plaited rope) and shime (strips of white paper). Placed at the entrances of holy places or in neighborhoods to ward off evil spirits, or placed around trees/objects to indicate presence of kami. The pieces of white paper that are cut into strips and hung from these ropes (often hung from ropes on Torii gates as well) are called shime 注連 or gohei; they symbolize purity in the Shintō faith.

Thanks Jackie!!!


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