Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeding America

Do you remember this photo from a few weeks back?  Well I couldn't get the auction to work... so scattered brain I have tried and tried to figure out something.  Then it hit me... my biggest complaint is people saying thank you for your time but you are just to expensive.  I have felt bad not being able to help but on my end just was not able to adjust the cost.  Well now I have a assistant who helps me with everything from cleaning,  childcare, and helping me with orders.  This alone is priceless but allows me to work more without sacrificing quality.

So here is goes.

The session fee is a donation of $15 or more (this is a check or money order to the charity).  The session last about 20-30 minutes.  15 photos in your gallery to choose from.  Then you can purchase this package for $150.  You get a high resolution disk, (1) 8x10, and 10 5x7 photos.

This is perfect for those wanting:

a family photo just for the christmas card
a beautiful photo for the deployed husband

What better way to get photos than to help others... I can tell you these will be fun!!!

Email me for all the details!!!


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