Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Iwakuni Portrait Photography /Upcoming Sessions

As you know we will be gone for the better part of July. This is okay because July is hot and bright.  With that said here is what to expect in the Fall and Winter Months.  I want you to plan for your session and not just throw together an idea or clothing.  Your photos are art and should be treated as such. 

August- family sessions.
September- Soccer Photos and Christmas Photos if you want them back in time to mail to family... this is the month to get them done.
October- I scale back appointments due to birthday's.  I would like to plan all day sessions at Myajima and Tswano.  If you are interested in these email me to be put on our mailing list.
November- It starts getting cold and will focus on mini sessions.
December- Most likely all studio and on-location for the brave.

If you are expecting a new little one please let me know which month.  I only take a few newborns each month as these sessions are time consuming (yet wonderful).

Here are some ideas for clothing, accessories, cool props,  ideas, etc...



First Birthday:


Little Girls:


Little Boys:


Christmas Baby:




Newborn baby girl:


Hopefully this inspires you to do something other than jeans and white tops.  


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