Monday, May 24, 2010

Iwakuni Portrait Photography / Nitori

We discovered Notori in Okinawa.  We would go anytime we needed something to spice up the house.  I guess the best way to explain it is like a Target or a place to go when Ikea is to far away.  We bought our living room rug for 4000 yen, and the counter tops for our new kitchen for about 50000 yen.  If you have large furniture that you want to get they deliver to Iwakuni for 1500.  

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The next store is right next to it called Time Home Center.  It is equally fantastic... it is like a Nafco but less dreary.  My kids love it here because they have a puppy play land, groomers, tons of fish, bunnies, and turtles.  Everything is a colorful and fun...yet extremely practical.   For the gardner they have a nice selection of plants, and patio furniture.  They also have the ugliest mailbox... that your children will HAVE to knock over.  We have been twice and both times that mailbox got us (so embarrassing).

If you have a member of the family that is into sports like my husband, there is a huge sports store above it (the blue sign).  We didn't have time to go in because the children had enough of us... and us of them so we had to go.  

Go North on route two
Staying right on the route two split
About 5-10 kilometers you will see a nice soccer field on the right
go to the third light and take a right
Go down to the third light take a right and it will be on your left

Here are the coordinates N 34° 21.883 E 132° 23.092

and a map

Click photo to see larger.


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