Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iwakuni Portrait Photography /Good Eats Review

The best way I know how to explain this place is like a Golden Coral of Udon. We stopped because they were crazy busy and it looked like fun.  Best of all...it is not only an experience but really affordable.  My kids loved it.  

When you first go in you get to watch them make the noodles.. then you get to pick the size of Udon.  They have a family size, large, and small.  Usually we get a large serving in town because American Large and Japanese large are very different.  I would say an average size woman only needs a small.  A large male a large.  Our three kids easily share a large with leftovers.  The family portion didn't look appealing to us... plus this way we could customize without fear the kids wouldn't eat it. Then you get to pick different kinds of Tempura.  They had shrimp, vegetables, and japanese version of the bloomin onion.  It was so yummy in the Udon.  Then you pour in the broth, add a few more extras and you are on your way to your seat.

All in All- great place, good times, and no fear if my kid went out of control.  Because heck... it was just a fun, loud, busy place.


If you come out of the base take a right at four corners, go down to route 2 and take a left. Go down past the McDonalds. You will see a blue tag Nissan place on the right. Just past that there is a restaurant on the right. It is well lit up at night.

Average Cost for a family of five 2000 yen.

Name: Udon Coral or so I am guessing.


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