Monday, May 31, 2010

Iwakuni Portrait Photography /30 days of Daddy

So Matthew has the next 30 days off.... I don't know how scary this is or EXCITING.  We already  had lots of fun things planned but then I saw this blog post where the Mom has a bucket list of things to do for the summer.  I LOVED the idea.  So here is ours while Daddy is home.

1.  Go to Tswano completed 6/8
2.  Play in the rain completed 6/1
3.  Go on the train, but board from the train station we can see from the house. Completed 6/10
4. Make candy brownies
5. Start our garden (changing to Yuu beach...we are going on vacation and probably shouldn't start a garden).
6. Go to the outside pool completed 6/14 we went to the water area at the Kintai...more fun than the base pool.
7.  Have Jack Potty Trained
8. Do nothing. completed 6/7
9.  The Asa Zoo
10. Mommy wants to go out ALL day with the girls.
11. Hiroshima completed 5/31
12. Find a new bakery completed 6/10
13. Make Monkey Shakes for Breakfast.
14. Go to Yasaka Dam
15. The Aquarium
16. Matthew wants to place 40 geocaches. completed 6/10
17. Try a new recipe for the grill 
18 7 falls.
19. Chicken Shack completed 6/4
20. Camping at Oshima
21. Make the souvenirs for family
22. Picnic at Hachigamine Park 
23. Blow Bubbles
24. Miyagima hike Mt Miason. completed 6/10
25. A whole day in jammies
26. Have a girly day with Braylen.
27. Daddy wants a guy camping trip.
28. Buy our outfits for the final plane ride to see family.
29. Go for a hike completed 6/6
30. Go to a baseball game.

Hopefully this helps inspire you... like the other list did for me.


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